14th June

Hello, I'm so sorry for the delay in messaging you. Thank you so much for the little note & discount code for my next purchase. It made me smile, what lovely service. The dinosaur is wonderful & the recipient of the gist loves it! Best Wishes Anna



                                19th May


We received this lovely thank you card and it made our heart melt with the hand made heart  , so thank you Holly❤️✉️📮✏️📝

30th April 

Thank you so much for making the special delivery today. Gorgeous new toys, so beautifully wrapped and your little note too, It's the little things! We've had a much better day today! Thank you! xJess


29th April

@puddleducklyme to the rescue! It's been tricky keeping Edie occupied while helping Amelie with her maths so I sent an SOS to @puddleducklyme late last night and today was greeted with a selection of lovely colour sorting toys for Edie to play with. ... We are so lucky to have this lovely little shop on our doorstep, take a look... Marie

29th April

Wow! Now that's customer service! thank you very much. I saw your  post form Edible Eddie on your Instagram which drew me to your attention! Can't wait to receive our bits, the girls will be thrilled. Thank you, Kirsty 

24th April

December 11th 

Puddleducks is the most amazing toy shop; small but with a HUGE range of really brilliant lovely toys and games. Tomi, the owner, is an Early Years teacher and it really shows in how she’s stocked the shop. Kids can play whilst you browse. I can’t recommend this shop highly enough; pop along and see for yourself and I defy you to come home empty handed! Yvonne.

4th November 

This is a fabulous shop. Tomi is so welcoming and knowledgable about children with special needs and the shop is well stocked with a range of sensory toys and equipment. It is a real pleasure to visit the shop and be able to see and feel things and let your child choose what feels right for them. Jenny.

November 1st 

We 💚💛💙🧡 this shop, amazing selection of toys, wonderful, friendly atmosphere. It's so lovely to see the children enjoying sharing games inside the shop, being invited to try things out before we buy. We visited twice on our holiday and would love to continue supporting your beautiful shop online whilst we are at home! Emma. 

October 31st

Fantastic shop, full of sensory toys, creative toys, lots of toys and gifts plus it's autism and dog friendly. Lovely owner and lovely shop, well worth a visit and tucked away in Drakes Way just down from Roly's Fudge Shop in Lyme Regis. Debbie.


October 30th 

Visited the shop today while on holiday. Such a welcoming atmosphere, and very friendly lady. It was really nice to see the lady encourage the children to try out the toys and that she got involved and helped the children. Some lovely items in the shop and lots of sensory toys which was lovely to see (my autistic son loved it). Sophie

22nd August

I knew there was something different about Puddleduck within a minute of entering the shop. What a wonderful place! My son is 7, autistic and scared to death of dogs. However with your gentle approach and continued attention, he was quickly engaged in and enjoying Kanoodle 3D and then went on to stroke Muffin and hold her paw! Amazing! There is definitely something special about you, Tomi. I thought you must have some experience with young children, maybe as a teacher or possibly with Special Needs Children so I HAD to look you up when I got home. Thank you for taking time with my son. You have really made a difference and I hope your business is a great success! 

21st August

Just in this shop right now, and just want to say how amazing it is! Fab find. Charlotte 


15th August

A beautiful shop stocking a variety of quality children's toys and gifts over two floors. A couple of things make this shop stand out: 1) A very warm welcome and invitation to try some toys that are on display. 2) a good range of products (things I've not seen before) including sensory toys. It is situated just off Broad Street (we found it after spotting it's A-Board) Well worth looking :)  Kirsty.

17th July 2019

Puddleduck is an absolutely brilliant shop you can spend ages looking around - both adults and kids! Such a well curated range of toys with something different and interesting for all ages. 

Tomi was really helpful both in-store and also online when I wanted to order some extra bits we had seen. 
Really worth a visit. Thanks again for the great customer service. Ruth.

10th July 2019

Puddleduck is a brilliant shop, we popped in for some birthday presents for a 1, 2 and 4 year old. The range of toys is fantastic and the very knowledgeable advice much appreciated. The toys are engaging and interesting and very different to the things you find elsewhere. 
My 5 year old loves these figures he got, all based on Greek mythology. Perfect for imaginative play. Rosie 

26th June 2019

Thank you Brooke and family for the lovely card you sent us! We are looking forward to seeing you the next time you visit Lyme Regis!  ❤️ 🦆

11stJune 2019

Just returned home from a weekend to visit Lyme Regis with my 3yr old granddaughter, Molly. We both loved your shop and were made to feel very welcome. Molly calls it "Granny's Fairy Shop" and she's asked if we can come back soon! I bought lots of little bits to make a Fairy garden for Molly and will send you a picture when we have completed it.
Thank you Tomi and Muffin for looking after us so well
Love Pippa and Molly x

1stJune 2019

Visited the cutest little toy shop today in Lyme Regis 🦆
Olive met this sweet little duck and the wonderful welcoming owner ❤️

30th May 2019

A great little toy shop, a lot of effort has been made to make it welcoming and magical for children. Helen 

28th May 2019

What a wonderful shop! The owner has put together a brilliant selection of toys that beautiful and help development. We spent ages getting great help, and fending off the kids who wanted loads of stuff (probably as so different than regular stores). 

It’s down a narrow pedestrian lane, so might be easily missed. So do yourself a favour and go to this toy shop! Azadi.

27th May 2019

Fab quirky toy shop. A must visit if in Lyme.

25th May 2019

What a fantastic toy shop full of the most unusual and interesting toys. 
The owner is engaging with the children and makes shopping a joy! The children can play and interact with the toys and this is encouraged throughout the shop. 

We left with many new toys including this vets kit as my little boy is obsessed with flamingos! 

It’s fab - my 2 year old loved it also , so we had to buy one for him too. It has a feeding dish and medical equipment which is all easy for little ones to use . Our lounge was turned into a vets waiting room and both boys played contently role playing out little scenarios.
I am so pleased we found you and what a gem to have locally ! 
We will be back soon! Debi.