GeoSmart Solar Spinner


Use the magnetic squares and triangles to build your own solar creation and watch it spin!

GeoSmart Solar Spinner includes 23 strong and brightly coloured geometric pieces, with a spinner to bring life to children creations.

GeoSmart Solar Spinner is an excellent way for children to develop their understanding of STEM concepts with safety in mind whilst having fun and creative!

Safety Features
Featuring a patented double-safety system, bright colors and unique playing elements, GeoSmart offers unsurpassed safety and durability for endless creative play! Each piece contains magnets that are protected by a double safety system. A stainless steel cap covering the strong magnets is locked onto an ABS core, which is covered by a double high quality polycarbonate housing. This new, patented stainless steel magnet locking system makes GeoSmart a safer and stronger toy, offers a long lifetime and is easy to clean.

Educational Value and Benefits
Spatial insight
Make 2D and 3D structures
Hand-eye coordination: both hands are used to build constructions
Concentration and logical thinking
Make your own creations STEM
Learn 6 different Geomagnetic shapes and how to use them in the best way
Colour recognition with 9 colours of the rainbow


Suitable for ages 5 years and above.

Type: Magnetic Toy

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