• Amazing Glitter stick Kaleidoscope, manually turn and twist to watch the glider wand change, you can go slow, fast or let it fall by itself. THEN... switch on the colour changing LED light switch and be transported to another amazing experience. 
  • Simply turn the kaleidoscope to create magical, intricate, and beautiful mosaic designs that will dazzle and delight.
  • Educational and entertaining - Develops creativity, imagination and constant fascination Endless mesmerizing designs fascinates children and adults of all ages. Gives off a calming and Relaxing effect
  • Durable plastic for long lasting use. 15.3cm scope with removable 12.7cm glitter wand.
  • Illustrations on the wand will vary - the motifs and designs covering the kaleidoscope on the images are for illustrational purposes only.
SKU: Playlearkae

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