My Face Mirror


TickiT A lovely simple face shaped mirror will enhance and stimulate any play and learning experience. It can be blue tacked to any surface - even the bath! A great way for you and your child to explore facial movement and how sounds are produced as well as seeing the underside of their toys. The mirror can also be used as a pretend pond effect for the small world play trays. Lets us know how you use yours!

A safe plastic mirrors, cut out to resemble a child’s head shape that they can use to see themselves or to draw on using a wipe off pen. They can also be used by the child to see what their facial expressions tell themselves and others about how they are feeling.

Supports the following areas of learning:

• Personal Development - self-awareness
• Personal Development - PSHE
• Understanding the World - observation
• Communication & Language - talking & listening

Size: 210 x 185mm.

Age: Suitable from 3 years.

SKU: comm

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