Pop for Addition and Subtraction

Ages 6 - 10

Practise addition and subtraction skills with this entertaining grab-and-go game!
Watch out for the 'POP' pieces in this fast-paced language-free maths practice game!


  • Children take a bubblegum ball from the box and solve the equation to keep their piece
  • Uses numbers 1-10
  • Two levels of play
    1. Spin the spinner and take the corresponding number of bubblegum balls from the box. If the child answers correctly they get to keep the pieces
    2. Take a bubblegum ball from the box and spin the spinner. Children have to come up with the corresponding number of equations each giving the same answer as that on the gum ball
  • Includes spinner, 90 maths-fact cards and 10 POP cards
  • For 2-4 players
SKU: LER8441

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