Puzzle Gentlemen


These quirky wooden puzzles are just the thing to put your problem-solving skills to the test! Whether you pick the too-cool Hipster or the stylish Dapper, see if you can turn the Puzzle Gentleman into a cube and then back again. A must-have for the style savvy puzzler!

The Dapper: Always ready with a cup of tea and a generous slice of cake, this little chap never loses his dapper charm no matter how bad the weather. See if you can transform this puzzling gentleman into a cube and back again. Just make sure his bowler hat isn’t out of place!


The Hipster: In between grooming his facial hair and hunting down the best artisanal coffee, The Hipster loves nothing more than to kick back with an obscure foreign film and the latest vegan dish. See if you can transform him into a cube and back again before he goes mainstream!



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