Tommy Train

  • We are delighted to introduce you to Tommy Train from SmartMax . This is the award-winning pre-school magnetic construction system for children aged 3 year plus.
  • The Tommy Train has a huge range of building opportunities and a "Pull Back and Go!" system. 
  • Learn through play by building endless structures with strong, large, colourful pieces.
  • Cold coloured SmartMax bars (Green, Blue, Purple) will attract the warm coloured SmartMax bars (Red, Orange, Yellow).
  • Great for little hands.
  • A range of other SmartMax accessory/ kits sets are available and all can be integrated with each other! 
  • SmartMax is the award-winning pre-school magnetic construction system which allows children aged 1year+ the chance to explore the fascinating world of magnetism in a fun and safe way. The products are safe and durable and made from the highest quality materials, the magnets are incredible strong and can carry up to 60 times their own weight.

    Each SmartMax magnetic bar features unique colour codes, the blue, green and purple bars attract while the warm colours of red, orange and yellow repel. The giant parts are ideal for young children and allow them to easily create the most amazing and colourful super sized structures. The SmartMax range offers a whole universe of compatible building sets, vehicles and accessories for never ending play.

SKU: SMX 209

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