True Balance (Compact)


True Balance is our compact wooden game for developing fine motor skills and concentration.  Can you align and balance the 8 rotating magnetic discs?

TrueBalance was designed and developed with its STEM features and is a great “fidget toy” for adults and children. It supports our range of those living with Dementia, occupational and physical therapists, concentration and fine motor skills. It also helps children with attention deficit disorders. 
The challenge begins with  dropping the disks down, then holding the handle straight gently move your wrist to align the discs vertically. The challenge is complete when all the discs are aligned! Now try your non dominant hand ...For added difficulty, try balancing it upside down!
The smooth stable handle has  8 discs, separated by magnets and smooth natural coloured wooden disks. 
Child safe and non-toxic
Made of Eco-friendly high-quality reengineered wood
Weight of product: 0.4kg
Suitable for ages 8 years old and above 
True Balance was designed and developed to improve focus and refine motor skills; as well as help children with attention deficit disorders. 


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